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APCG通信vol.10 「APCG2024/ユース・サミット実行委員会 千葉副委員長よりご挨拶」

#APCG通信 #Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness #アジア太平洋ギフテッド教育研究大会

【APCG2024/ユースサミット実行委員会 副委員長よりご挨拶】




お茶の水女子大学サイエンス&エデュケーション研究所 千葉和義


I am Kazuyoshi Chiba, and guide students of Youth Summit in conducting exploratory scientific experiments with stuffs of Institute for Science & Education, Ochanomizu University. We developed inquiry-based teaching materials for the Youth Summit and had conducted a rehearsal at pre-youth summit, in which 13 students from Japan had participated.

In the Youth Summit, we will provide two themes: carbon dioxide and sun light, both of which are related to global warming. Under the theme of carbon dioxide, we have prepared sensors to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. By using the device, students can measure the respiration rates of plants or animals. In the light theme, participants will design and create reflective-type concentrators to develop efficient heating devices. Students are free to choose either theme and explore as they like. We will also conduct activities to collect marine organisms using a beach seine and observe them. On the final day, there will be a presentation session. We are looking forward to having heated discussions about astonishing results and hypotheses.

The Institute for Science & Education’s staffs are preparing to enjoy inquiry activities with talented students from Asia-pacific countries. In addition, we are planning to make a meaningful meeting for the accompanying teachers as well.