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APCG通信vol.21 「APCG2024  Keynote Speakerのご紹介」

#APCG通信 #Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness #アジア太平洋ギフテッド教育研究大会



今回はJiyoung Ryu先生のご紹介です。


スピーカー:Jiyoung Ryu, Ed.D

所属:Gifted Policy Center, KAIST Global Institute For Talented Education

テーマ:Uncovering the Hidden Talents: Recognizing Giftedness in Underprivileged Students


略歴:Dr. Jiyoung Ryu is the Director of the Gifted Education Policy Center at the Global Institute for Talented Education (GIFTED) at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). She earned her doctorate in Gifted Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Since 2009, Dr. Ryu has developed and managed educational programs for gifted students from underprivileged backgrounds at KAIST. Additionally, she has led various government founded research projects focused on gifted education. Dr. Ryu has presented numerous papers at both domestic and international conferences and publishing in academic journals on topics related to gifted education. Her research interests focus on the psychological and emotional adjustment of gifted individuals, as well as the education of gifted students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Currently, Dr. Ryu collaborates closely with the Korean government on gifted education policy. She also serves as the Vice President of the Korea Society of Gifted, and the delegate of Korea at the Asia-Pacific Federation on Giftedness.