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APCG通信vol.6 「APCG2024/ユース・サミット実行委員会 林副委員長よりご挨拶」

#APCG通信 #Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness #アジア太平洋ギフテッド教育研究大会

【APCG2024/ユースサミット実行委員会 林副委員長よりご挨拶】


【Greetings from the Vice-Chairperson of the organization committee of APCG2024/Youth Summit】

I am Toshihiro Hayashi, Vice-Chairperson of the organization committee of APCG2024/Youth Summit. It is my great pleasure to announce that APCG2024 will be held at Kagawa University’s Saiwai-cho Campus. As a faculty member of our university, I look forward to welcoming many people from all over the world. As the host university, we will provide you with our full support. Kagawa University is a unique regional university with four campuses. The event will be held at the Saiwai-cho Campus, so please make sure you are in the right place. There are many Udon noodle restaurants around the university where you can enjoy Sanuki Udon (Sanuki is old name of Kagawa Prefecture), a typical local food of Kagawa Prefecture. If you have a chance, please try Sanuki Udon. Although the conference will be held in a very hot season, we hope you will consider presenting your research results and participating into this international conference. We are looking forward to seeing you at Kagawa University.